Hiking in the Villages of Chiang Mai

One morning in Chiang Mai, I habitually got up early, and when I got out of the hostel, the streetlights had not gone out, and there had been monks walking quietly barefoot.

On the side of the road I came across a fish balls shop, the room was placed a lot of Snoopy’s collection, although simple, but not messy.

Thai elementary school students, some need to take the bus to school, this little fat boy, hanging outside the bus, apparently had not woken up.

At the school gate, the traffic policeman who was guiding the traffic, was he dancing?

Our hike began on a country road.

This was our guide, he had been a monk for 13 years. As a private guide for two people, he was busy this moment, and he was lighting branches to repel mosquitoes, a bamboo forest that was entirely the domain of mosquitoes.

It was a small cave that we passed along the way, my first cave expedition, a completely dark space, the guy from Germany had been filming in the cave, and I didn’t know what he had taken.

We passed a banana plantation, the guide picked a banana and said, “It’s okay to eat like this in Thailand.” So I ate the freshest banana of my life, and it was delicious.

It took less than three hours and we arrived at the camp. In the twilight light, the cat was snoozing comfortably.

The German guy was filming the sunset.

The next day, after getting up in the morning, we wandered around the village, and the little boy was playing with his dog.

Children who went to school by truck in the village.

Our guide was making breakfast.

The next day’s hike began. The guy at the end of the line is a South African, and he was about to go on an MBA, typical elite.

We came to a little waterfall, and the local boys jumped straight from above into the water. The water was really cold, I swam toward the waterfall, very laborious.

These are the three Australian girls who had lived with us for one night, all 17 years old, who had just graduated from the high school. Before going to college, they planned to spend a year traveling, seeing the world and getting to know themselves, according to them.

One of the girls, a little melancholy, when others talked, she was always slightly frowning, listening carefully. Later, a couple from Poland had a minor accident and the husband’s toenails were injured, and she said sadly, “I do hope I am a doctor”.

On the last leg of the journey, we were going to take a bamboo rafting to our next camp.

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