Rustic Market

This area was originally called Jing Jai Market. There is a farmers’ market and some antique shops.There are also some restaurants and bars opposite, but business has not been very prosperous.

It mainly sells organic products and fresh vegetable juices in the northern part of Thailand. Changed its name from JJ Market to Rustic Market in 18 years. Dozens of local specialty snacks are now ready to do, hot and cold sweet and everything.No less coffee, whether it is siphon, hand-washed, cold, dripping only you can not imagine.

Chiang Mai is a slow-paced, very literary place. In this market you will see a variety of vintage locomotives and artists’ handcrafted works. Whether you’re walking on a fashion tip or a retro Style, it doesn’t seem out of place here.

This is probably the last place Chiang Mai locals want visitors to know. Here, you and good friends together, leisurely taste food, drink cold drinks, sun listen to the singer singing around. Slow down the pace to feel, to experience, to taste the change of fennel from sour to sweet.Feel the temperature of the sun on the skin, and smell the mellow aroma of coffee beans that are baked.

To embrace the person you love feels the touch of her skin.

This is the right way to open Chiang Mai.

Business hours

Every weekend 6:00-13:00 am.

Sunday morning will be more lively.


Located in the northeast corner of the ancient city.

Less than 3 km from Tha Phae Gate.

Take a taxi in about 10 minutes.

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Jing Jai Market or Rustic Market

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