Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa

This is a very suitable for vacation and leisure hotel, the whole hotel is very large, there is a very beautiful private beach, even if stay in the hotel for three or four days no where to go, will not feel bored.I stay for $170 a night, and the room is a mountain-view suite.

This hotel is also very suitable to take children to live, because there are a lot of small animals here.At breakfast, there’s a bunny running over to ask you for carrots, children will have fun here.

It also has a very special place, if you choose the room type is half-mountain villa, then going up to the mountain will have to take the rail car, waiting for the car will be a little slow, but also quite interesting.

If you live here, it is recommended to have a candlelit dinner by the sea, blow inge the sea breeze, eat Thai food, the atmosphere is very good, and the food here is also very good, the price is similar to the outside restaurant, not particularly expensive.

The disadvantage is that it is far from the city, but the hotel has a shuttle bus to the city, can also let the front desk help to call a car, taxi to the city price is about 10 dollars.

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