Several Days in Bohol, Philippines

While there was nothing to do while leaving office, I started a trip to the Philippines with my friends. Having had bad memories of going to a seaside city before, I was a little worried that my body could not adapt to the local climate, but it was good that after a four-hour flight we … Read more

Diving at the Doljo point in Bohol

Just after 8 a.m. we arrived at Tagbilaran Airport on Bohol Island and took a very Filipino-inspired tuk-tuk to check in at the dive shop. Bohol Island is a laid-back and tranquil Island of Southeast Asia, with beautiful scenery at Alona Beach. Bohol Has been raining for a long time, a few days ago, tourists … Read more

Beautiful Bohol Island, Philippines

This trip, I defined it as “vacation” rather than a compact trip. So I booked villa with an oversized open kitchen on Bohol Island, which was well lit and had white walls, natural wood, rocks, green plants. Meanwhile, I could reach the lively Alona Beach in a 12-minute walk. In the morning, you can sit … Read more

Island Adventures – El Nido in Palawan

This time the destination is El Nido in Palawan, and I don’t know why I chose this place. Presumably because it’s a little minority (compared to the places where Boracay is), and the images on the internet are really tempting. I’ve only been there for two days, three more days on the road… The first … Read more