Gentle Phuket Night Market

As a particularly afraid of the lively people, but after all, still can not resist the “night market” this full of the city’s atmosphere of the word temptation. The last day of the holiday was a night market in Phuket before the Red Eye flight.This is the largest night market in Phuket, only opened on weekends, although not as famous as the night market in Patong, but the locals recommend us here to see.

Say is large, but than I expected or a lot smaller, just say to go around eating, an hour is enough. But the charm of the night market is all hidden in the details, and if you have plenty of time, you can spend a whole night here without getting bored.The streets of the night market are lined with two-story buildings of various styles, with colorful facades the backdrop to the carnival, and two rows of stalls in the middle of the road, leaving only narrow passageways for people on both sides.

Narrow road has the benefit of narrow, people are all slow and leisurely follow the crowd to go forward, who can not get up, although crowded but extra or so relaxed. We have little interest in all kinds of small goods, but all kinds of snacks are really tempting very, especially basic grilled sausages, grilled meats, a variety of fruits and corresponding juices, fried a variety of different thick powder …

Another attraction of the night market is the street artist, a singer who walks every time you walk on this not-so-long night market street, and the style is completely different. The first is a three-person group playing the violin, the second is a Japanese rock gun, the third is a 10-year-old singing girl and her father, and the fourth is a thai folk song aunt.If you don’t hurry to go, you can listen to the night slowly.

It was an afterthought night, a frighteningly crowded buzz that didn’t exist, all the restlessness wrapped around a gentle atmosphere, and people’s faces were curious and relaxed. It’s a particularly simple, especially cheap pleasure that hasn’t been felt for a long time.

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