Some Photos that I Took, on the 36 Old Streets of Hanoi – Gallery

Early in the morning we came to Hanoi, not directly to the hotel, but first to the 36 Old Streets to visit. 36 Streets is Hanoi’s old quarter, 600 years old, from here we can see what the old Hanoi looks like. In the past, each street here is concentrated in a certain industry business, such as cotton market street is selling clothes, bamboo pole shop street is selling bamboo poles … Today’s shops are mainly engaged in crafts, art, and life goods, and some of the residents of the old streets are themselves artisans and entertainers. There are many small hotels in the streets, where tourists love to live. What’s more, a variety of street food stalls are distributed on the streets of the Old Quarter.

Early in the morning, there were very few pedestrians on the road, many shops were still closed, only the street corner with small stools selling breakfast stalls had begun to open. Breakfast is mainly Pho and Banh Mi(Vietnamese sandwich) .

Colorful corner buildings and people who were having breakfast.

Nha Chung Road, a coffee shop that is open, someone came to the shop early in the morning for coffee.

Commercial buildings on the street corner, Highlands Coffee which is on the second floor has a large number of customers.

The streets of Vietnam are often seen with these trees, the remaining red and green leaves, and the umbrella-shaped canopy.

This is a somewhat strange building.

Old houses like this are easy to get my attention.

From time to time, such rickshaws pass by in the old streets.

Warm tips, don’t buy the roadside green bananas, can’t eat, although a little good-looking. I bought a bunch, i thought it could turn yellow, but the result did not.

Vietnamese on motorcycles. Motorcycles are the main means of transport in Vietnam.

On Nha Chung Road, the walls of the alleys are dappled with bright graffiti, showcasing Hanoi’s graffiti culture.

On the streets of Hanoi, you can often see stalls like this, a few stools, a few people sitting, drinking coffee or beer.

Roadside stalls are available from breakfast to dinner, all hours. The variety changes with the time, at night, more fried food, there are also some desserts.

In the evening, there are more young people in the street, and Vietnamese girls are beautiful, aren’t they?

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