Several Amazing Restaurants in Chiang Mai

There are many coffee shops and more restaurants in Chiang Mai. Almost every restaurant has its own characteristics, from the visual design, environment, tableware, decoration, everywhere reflects the taste of the owner, will not let you down. Here’s a look at some of the restaurants I’ve been to. The Salad Concept I saw the salad … Read more

Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 2

Usually I go to a restaurant with a plan, but a lot of times, the occasional step into a small restaurant can make a deeper impression on me. Not just because the food is delicious, but also because it’s a beautiful accident. Banh Mi 25 – Work & Chill This is the small restaurant that … Read more

Pub Street in Siem Reap

Pub Street is the most prosperous place in Siem Reap. The street is not long and is lined with bars, and at night every bar is filled with tourists from all over the world. Although it’s called Bar Street, it’s actually a restaurant street, but, these restaurants also serve alcoholic beverages. This time to Siem … Read more

Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 1

Hanoi’s food is very characteristic, here is a look at the few small restaurants I have been to. Giang Cafe Vietnam has a special coffee called egg coffee, which is a raw egg with coffee. Giang Cafe is said to be the first coffee shop to invent this coffee, as for the taste, some people … Read more