Lumpini Park

Four seasons of the city is wonderful, but there is a kind of enthusiasm as if only in the place that four seasons like summer. The fruit is rich enough, the sun is shining enough, and there is enough food.A simple sling dress with a pair of slippers made the whole person happy.

There’s so much to do in Bangkok, and there’s too much food to eat.However, I am not interested in temples and shopping, and my appetite is only so great.

The hotel is booked in Banyan Tree Bangkok, wake up in the morning to see such a beautiful scenery, rose-colored morning light on the high-rise, this is a gentle moment in Bangkok.

A five-minute walk from the hotel to Bangkok’s largest park, Lumpini Park, is also a famous oasis in the city.the park is quiet , especially suitable for morning running.

There are several lakes in the park that can be boated and there are several coconut trees by the lake.

The vast lawn, the tree-lined, the calm ness of the lake, in my mind the perfect park look.

A cat is lazily resting under the tree, as if staring at something?

Ah!It turned out to be a bird.

In another stream I also saw an amphibian reptile, the first sight of the crocodile, thought the ecology here is also too good. An online search of Lumpini Park saw the reptile in one-third of its images.

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