I took a Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

As if I loved to cook, on my first day in Chiang Mai, I unexpectedly chose to take a cooking class.

We went to the local market under the guidance of our teacher and got to know the food ingredients. Our teacher said that most people in the city eat rice, only farmers especially like Glutinous Rice, because the price is cheap.

The classroom was located in a small farm, I saw a small round eggplant, finally understood why the egg plant is called eggplant.

This is the operator’s station, one per person.

After a busy half-day in the kitchen, I was really not enthusiastic about cooking, or the kitten outside was more attractive to me.

Our teacher was full of enthusiasm.

I knew that the pineapple didn’t grow on a tree, for the first time.

It turned out that banana trees will blossom.

Making this bowl of Paste was really tired to me. I was the last to complete it, the main reason was the process of cutting the ingredients, I was the slowest, and the pieces that I cut out were bigger than anyone else.

Beauty, smiled with dimples, and with oriental gentleness. She took notes carefully on a small notebook, and every time she finished a process, she would clean up the table.

Pad Thai is especially delicious, I made it myself.

Classic Mango Sticky Rice, this is not what I made.

Cooking lessons are fun and worth a try. But I think that I’m not enthusiastic about cooking and can’t be a chef.

Here’s a look at two Thai dishes made by our teacher:

Shrimp and Grapefruit Salad.

Roasted Pork.

This photo is a super mini Mango Rice from a massage shop, which tasted great.

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