Dalat Flower Park and Valley of Love – Gallery

After the trip of Nha Trang, we drove to the next stop of the journey. Around noon, the car slowly down the mountain through a beautiful lake, the side of the lake was like a lively park, there were clean boulevards and a large variety of flowers, and then turn a corner to the small city of Dalat. There is pure air, blue sky, here four seasons like spring, flowers blooming, picturesque!

Our first destination was Dalat Flower Park, which is near a villa area.

A beautiful artificial lake, the scenery is very beautiful, many people were running by the lake.

The view on the road.

We finally arrived at Dalat Garden. The price of this place for foreigners and natives is not the same!

What a beautiful blue sky!

There were many flowers in the garden.

Many parents bring their children to the Park!

The arched wreath in the distance is the gate of the park!

Towards noon, we were going to Valley of Love.

This small train is similar to a sightseeing car, because the scenic spot is a bit large, which can help people who don’t want to walk.

The park is all about love.

This is the panoramic view of Lover’s Valley.

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