Several Amazing Restaurants in Chiang Mai

There are many coffee shops and more restaurants in Chiang Mai. Almost every restaurant has its own characteristics, from the visual design, environment, tableware, decoration, everywhere reflects the taste of the owner, will not let you down. Here’s a look at some of the restaurants I’ve been to. The Salad Concept I saw the salad … Read more

I took a Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

As if I loved to cook, on my first day in Chiang Mai, I unexpectedly chose to take a cooking class. We went to the local market under the guidance of our teacher and got to know the food ingredients. Our teacher said that most people in the city eat rice, only farmers especially like … Read more

Hiking in the Villages of Chiang Mai

One morning in Chiang Mai, I habitually got up early, and when I got out of the hostel, the streetlights had not gone out, and there had been monks walking quietly barefoot. On the side of the road I came across a fish balls shop, the room was placed a lot of Snoopy’s collection, although … Read more

Green Roof of Thailand – Doi Inthanon National Park

Chiang Mai, Thailand, there are a lot of tourists, but not far from Chiang Mai, Mount Inthanon, there are not many visitors.Unlike the hustle and bustle of man-made attractions, Mount Inthanon is like a treasure hidden in the wilderness, waiting for nature-loving travelers to explore. Doi Inthanon National Park in northern Thailand is an important … Read more

Rustic Market

This area was originally called Jing Jai Market. There is a farmers’ market and some antique shops.There are also some restaurants and bars opposite, but business has not been very prosperous. It mainly sells organic products and fresh vegetable juices in the northern part of Thailand. Changed its name from JJ Market to Rustic Market … Read more