A Day in Phuket

Phuket is the island I’ve been to the most and most like. This is on the center of where I live, talk about the radius of 5 kilometers within what is fun and delicious, from breakfast, all day long arranged full and relaxed.

10:00 am Brunch


There are several coffee shops on the island, such as The Coffee Club, which is everywhere, which is a Starbucks in Phuket, but the standard may be slightly worse than Starbucks;

We Cafe also has several on the island, and I’m more likely to go to Rawai, which is the sea.

Food is mainly Western food, breakfast choice is many, also very delicious, there will be some fusion of improved Thai dishes. The coffee tastes great, I drink the Iced Latte and Hot Mocha at my friends, and the milk and coffee balance is just right.

Apart of food and coffee, I actually prefer the environment here. Small shops, windows and indoors are full of green, there are some foreign guests in a low voice to talk, from time to time there are cats walking. Order a cup of coffee to work here or read a book all afternoon, it’s all right.

2:00pm Massage

Nid’s Authentic Thai Massage

Every time You come to Thailand, it’s thai massage that’s as essential as Thai milk tea. The first few visits to Phuket and Bangkok, the more famous thai chain spas have been tried, Let’s Relax, Oasis… There is nothing to complain about except for the slightly higher price.

From where I live, the whole street is a variety of massage shops, I don’t dare to casually enter the street shop, and finally also the integrated Trip Advisor and Google, choose to walk only ten minutes Nid’s to try.

If you do a traditional Thai massage, 60 minutes price as long as 250 baht, massage level is not lost to Thailand’s so-called big brand massage shop. There is also a two-hour combination package that allows you to choose your own massage site.

I think the premium of large shops is mainly in the environment. Nid’s environment is relatively simple, but very clean, sanitary conditions do not have to worry.

So if you want to enjoy the beautiful environment and ultra-high quality service, it is recommended to choose Let’s Relax, Oasis and other big brands, but if you are simply tired and want to do a good massage, the environment as long as clean and hygienic, then I highly recommend Nid’s.

5:00pm Beach

Nai Harn beach

Phuket is surrounded by the sea and has a lot of beaches. Most of the beaches are concentrated in the west, except Patong, Bangtao, Kata, Surin beach are well-known, tourists are more.

My own favorite is Nai Harn, the southernmost tip of the island, who knows not many people, not as many rich play items as Patong Beach, and not as many vendors. The small number of tourists are mostly European and American tourists with their mouths, with dogs playing darts, beach volleyball with children, or swimming in the sea. The beach is clean and the waves are just good.

There’s a path by the beach, with restaurants and coffee shops on both sides, looking shabby, but several tastes are good and the price hasn’t gone up much by the sea.

8:00pm Dinner

O-OH Farm Ta-Eiad

It’s been so many times that I know a lot about Phuket’s restaurant now. The restaurant to recommend this time is one of the many excellent restaurants that stand out from the crowd and is worth visiting more than the average.

Found it is purely because of driving past, see a large piece of bright crystal roadside, a move in the heart, looking for, found that the original is a restaurant, evaluation is also good.

Entering the restaurant will first pass a large yard, like a farm, it is full of colored lights, with a picture is very dreamy.

Because it’s too hot and we’re afraid of mosquitoes, we choose to sit indoors. There was also a little concern that the quality of the food would not work, and the result was completely unexpected.

It’s home to organic food, with a wide selection of vegetarian options. Of course, if you’re not vegetarian, there’s also very fresh seafood and meat, and a big menu looks good.

Highlight this pineapple rice, with oversized whole shrimp, very fresh.

Wait for the gap of the dishes I turnaround the shop, found that there are also some organic products sold here, there are cereal, tea, coconut oil, lipstick, hand cream, etc. , is a cross-border brand?

After dinner, I packed a lemon cake to take away.

This is my day on the island. Then I will stay on the island for a week before heading to Bangkok.

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