Vietnamese Pho – Part Two

Pho Le

The soup is mellow, with a hint of silky sweetness, and the side dishes are piled up so high that they are standard with basil, mint, parsley and bean sprouts, and occasionally stevia.

However, beef meat quality in general, pho almost no difference with other shops, estimated that local suppliers are much the same, but overseas is difficult to eat this taste of pho!

The advantage is that the environment is good, the air conditioning is very high. Indeed, modern people who can’t live without air conditioning, sweating really can not drink hot soup.

Pho Hien

The soup is salty, pho and meat are average level, chili sauce is not very spicy, slightly sweet, delicious, sweet noodle sauce is also different from other shops(not the light orange kind).

Pho Hoa Pasteur

The soup is relatively light, and the large amount, characterized by this one in addition to vanilla, but also to provide French stick bread.

French stick bread and sour sweet beef soup, is really delicious!

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