Diet for A Few Days in Cambodia

There is an Sorya shopping mall in central Phnom Penh, a food court on the 5th floor, using the form of a stored value card, which can be refunded when you leave without running out of money. The dishes here are Cambodian specialties.I ordered a piece of fish for 3 dollars, I first thought it was fresh fish, then found out that it was actually salted fish, the taste was sweet. The salad was good, sour and sweet.There were a lot of seasonings here, they were free.

On the day of visiting Angkor Wat, the driver of the tuk tuk took me to the air-conditioned restaurant. Each dish was basically $5.95, I saw the menu and I knew it was a price set specifically for tourists. I ordered Cambodian Fish Amok, and then When I asked, I knew it was a freshwater fish. Cambodia’s river fish is not very clean, this dish added pineapple blocks, fish has a clear smell of earthy, overall taste is relatively light.

This is another kind of fish, taste slightly better, Cambodian dishes often need to add pineapple.

Pictured below, this is my last breakfast in Battambang, at a French-owned family hotel.

The eggs and hamburgers were sandwiched with mushrooms, sprinkled with black pepper and costing $3. Well, the taste is hard to eat.

This is an authentic Khmer restaurant Phka Slaa, the environment is good, the price is also more suitable.

I ordered a vegetarian dish for $6.95 and felt like I was eating rice, just a few slices of seafood.

I found a restaurant serving Spanish food in Battambang and went in.

I ordered Huevos Rotos, the taste was not authentic at all, mainly bad on the ham.

The restaurant is big, there are pictures of the founders participating in public service activities on the wall.

At a restaurant near Siem Reap’s old market, this fried rice is delicious.

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