I Watched the Sunrise in the Small Fishing Village of Mui Ne

Mui Ne is about 200 km from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and is a beautiful small fishing village. Even in high season, there are not many visitors to Mui Ne, and January to May is the best time to visit, as Southeast Asia enters the rainy season after that.

There is only a long main road in Mui Ne, and the trees on both sides are tall and thin.

The small city can be divided into three parts: the west, the middle, and the east.

West: This is a business district with many luxurious resorts. There is a sailing club on the beach where visitors can surf. There are also plenty of banks, restaurants and bars and a rich nightlife.

Middle: Although there is no sandy beach, there are tall coconut trees and very cost-effective guest houses, where convenient.

East: This is the most primitive little fishing village, close to traditional attractions such as Fairy Stream and Red and White Dunes. On the eastern beaches, early-morning photography of fishermen is the first choice for photography enthusiasts. Because of its proximity to the fishing village, many of the hotel’s beaches are closed at night and the quality of the beaches is inferior to that of the West End beaches.

Price is the biggest advantage in the east, and the fishing port scenery and quiet fishing village are also unique.

Now that we were in Mui Ne, of course we were going out to sea to watch the sunrise. The means of transportation out to sea were neither small boats nor big boats, but a kind of interesting “big basket”. The basket is made of bamboo and coated with butter so that the sea water doesn’t seep in, and you can rent one for a small amount of money. A basket can accommodate four people, the accompanying fishermen will slowly row the basket to the depths of the sea, the sun was rising and the sea was sparkling, so beautiful.

When we came back, the sun was already high. Someone was basking in the sun and someone was practicing windsurfing. We decided to take the local bus to the fishing village of Mui Ne to see if the fishermen had come back from the sea.

Because there is only one way, so there is no need to worry about getting lost, as long as the direction is right. Before long, we saw a lot of fishing boats floating on the blue sea, and the fishing boats were blue too. The fishermen sat under the grass-covered shed to rest, and our arrival did not seem to disturb their leisurely lives.

Fishing boats returning from the sea.

This is the children who sell shells by the sea. Such light and such smiling, is this heaven?

We walked along the main road, and after passing the white sand dunes and a small lake, we came to a small village. It should be far from the tourist area of Mui Ne, and I was impressed that the village was very clean. The house here is small, but people paint the walls and doors and windows green or yellow. The old people fanned themselves under the lush flowers in the yard, the children ran in the yard, the yard was covered with floor tiles, they took off their shoes and did not have to worry about getting their feet dirty. I saw their cow circle. Under a grass shed, several cows were eating grass, and the straw and cow dung next to it were piled up into a hill. A nearby open space was their small bazaar, where women sat in the shade, selling fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Everything was so harmonious.

Finally, end with a picture of some middle school students. This is a local school, Vietnamese schoolgirls’ uniforms are not very special?

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