Vietnamese Pho – Part One

Many big cities in Europe and the United States have famous Vietnamese restaurants, and even have friends full of excitement to tell me, “I went to Paris to eat great Vietnamese pho!”

Vietnam was once a French colony, and there were many Vietnamese immigrants in Paris, and it’s no surprise that there are good pho shops. In fact, the reverse output is even more powerful, the rigid French stick bread, under the nativeization of the Vietnamese, has become a very interesting street food.

Just to Ho Chi Minh’s evening, it was late, walked into the hotel downstairs Pho24, asked for the smallest bowl of beef pho, plus a fresh coconut, a little more than 2 dollars.

Screwing up some more lemon juice into the soup, taking a sip, it’s hot in the air-conditioned shop.

Ho Chi Minh’s delicious pho shops are everywhere, usually without branches. Facade is usually small, nor hungry marketing, and no complicated renovation.

But must have a big pot there, boiled beef bone soup, fresh beef, mint leaves and bean sprouts, can be built into a small mountain, unlimited supply.

This time back to Vietnam, no where to go, in Ho Chi Minh City for a whole week, go out every day is to have pho, almost every day two meals of Vietnamese pho.

Something delicious, how can you eat it every day, and not tired?But that’s the way it is. Why vietnamese pho has such a charm, I also want to know.

It’s as addictive as coffee.

The sour taste of lemonise is refreshing on hot summer, fresh vanilla and the salty taste of the oxbone soup are perfectly blended, smooth rice flour is worn through the intestines, the semi-ripe bean sprouts are still crisp, and finally the whole bowl of soup is gone.

It’s healed!

Five of my favorite Vietnamese pho shops in Ho Chi Minh City are recommended for you.

Pho Phu Vuong

I went to a pho shop in Ho Chi Minh City three times. The beef is particularly fresh and has no strange smell.

The locals like to pour sweet pasta and hot sauce on a small dish, squeeze a little lime juice, mix it and eat the beef flakes.

Egg soup is cheap and good to drink.It’s just a raw egg in the ox bone soup, it is so simple. Less than a dollar per bowl, where to find such a cheap soup!

Pho Hung

The feature of this shop is that the bean sprouts are not raw, but cooked with water. Ah, I can’t stand the smell of bean sprouts than raw beef.

The onion in the pho seems too much, and the Vietnamese peppers are really spicy.

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