Streets in Vietnam – Gallery

Vietnam’s motorcycle riders. There are a lot of people riding motorcycles here, the scene is spectacular, of course, the street will be a bit noisy, because all motorcycles at random whistle.

Vietnam has a kind of tricycle, which is a three-wheel bicycle taxi, the guest sits in front, the driver in the back, in the event of an accident, the guest is likely to be more dangerous.

The landscape around the Po Nagar Cham Towers is also very good, and the masonry walls are particularly beautiful, leaving traces of the years.

Retaining walls and the gutter.

A granite stool.

Early in the morning, we came across a wedding convoy, all of them Beetles.

A group of lovely children were feeding fish.

A laid-back old town, Hoi An.

The night is illuminated by lanterns.

Local performances in the evening, Hoi An.

The boy who was selling lanterns at night.

The aunt who sells fruit on the street has a special marketing method for tourists.

Dalat Market.

Pham Ngu Lao Street at night.

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