Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Fairy Stream, a very beautiful name, fills the imagination. It is actually a stream flowing through the east side of Mui Ne, hidden in the dense woods, said to be a tourist attraction, but in fact there are few visitors and no tickets are required. I don’t understand why it’s called Fairy Stream, this place doesn’t look like a fairy at all, we have to walk barefoot through this muddy stream, a bit like a jungle adventure.

Fairy Stream’s water is very shallow, just over the ankle. At the bottom of the stream is a very delicate, soft layer of sand. Walking barefoot over the sand, as if someone is giving you a foot massage, very comfortable.

Fairy Stream belongs to a typical red clay landform, where water from high places brings red clay to the bottom of the valley.

The entrance to Fairy Stream.

We went straight along the stream, and on the way we met two calves lazily eating grass by the stream. If you go to the end of the stream, you will see a small waterfall. The whole Fairy Stream, about twenty minutes walk.

By the way, there may be locals here who tricked you out of your money under the pretext of a tour guide, ignore them.

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