Some of the Locals I Met on a Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is not developed, nor is it a country that delights tourists. Poverty and war have had a lot of negative effects on the country. However, on the streets of Vietnam, I still felt its warmth.

In Ho Chi Minh I saw the legendary motorcycle army. The entire intersection stretches for tens of meters of motorcycles, colorful helmets, and different riders.

A snack stand near Pham Ngu Lao Street.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, but its reputation is far less than Saigon’s, which is also an interesting phenomenon, and the streets are generally narrower than the older ones in Saigon. This is a local vegetable vendor.

A group of children, on the streets of Hanoi.

At Dalat Night Market, people were eating a kind of local Pizza.

I drove a motorcycle to a local waterfall, this is a small restaurant on the way.

A fisherman by the sea in Mui Ne.

Hue Imperial City, this was the teacher explaining to the students on the spot, the bottom is the model of the imperial city.

Hue, here I finally saw the Vietnamese woman wearing Ao Dai.

Hoi An, my friend bought this kind of cake, he said it’s delicious.

In Hoi An, I photographed two beautiful girls.

I met a couple who were taking the wedding photos again, in Hoi An.

At night, the whole city of Hoi An was like a lantern city!

A little boy who was out of school.

The shipman, Hoi An.

A local little girl.

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