Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 1

Hanoi’s food is very characteristic, here is a look at the few small restaurants I have been to.

Giang Cafe

Vietnam has a special coffee called egg coffee, which is a raw egg with coffee. Giang Cafe is said to be the first coffee shop to invent this coffee, as for the taste, some people like it, some people hate it.

For me, I haven’t eaten eggs for a long time, especially raw eggs. The smell is so heavy that I can’t accept it.

But the cafe has a good environment and a lot of customers. If you want to try something new, consider here.


Manzi’s environment is also very good, suitable for sitting there and reading. When I came here, it was about four o’clock in the afternoon, and there weren’t many people. On the second floor is a small exhibition hall with paintings by many local independent artists, as well as posters of events and performances. The second-floor exhibition hall is not allowed to take pictures, so no photos are left.

A small balcony on the second floor of Manzi.

Jalus Vegan Kitchen

The restaurant is also very humble, but the customers are many.Because there were no seats in the room, I could only sit outside on the terrace, but I didn’t mind, because the view outside was very good.

I ordered a mushroom sandwich and a strawberry fruit shake. The sandwich is very large, the grain is a lot, the fragrance is rich. The side dishes also include roasted fries, lettuce and some tomatoes, there’s not much spice and not much oil, I like the kind.

The Hanoi Social Club

The restaurant’s environment is great, and the customers are almost all European and American. The price of this restaurant is slightly more expensive than the previous ones.

The restaurant has four floors, the top floor is a small garden with many green plants, especially beautiful.

I ordered a Mexican dish. Ingredients include black beans, onions, avocados, brown rice and some cream, and are slightly tatped with pumpkin seeds and coriander.

Lifted Coffee and Brunch

The restaurant is in a lot of business. Breakfast and lunch are served throughout the day here, and the menu is dazzling.

The second floor was full of people, so I had to choose to eat on the small open-air balcony outside.

I ordered an egg sandwich of mushrooms and jam, and a doughnut. All three meals are American-style, high-calorie and greasy. A guy sitting next to me ordered a nice-looking Eggs Benedict, which should be served with maple syrup and bacon.

I’m most satisfied with the fruit shake sat here because there’s no extra sugar.

It’s worth noting that drinking straws used in the restaurants I’ve been to were very environmentally friendly, mostly made of bamboo. Even if some are disposable, they are made from biodegradable materials such as wheat straw.

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