Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 2

Usually I go to a restaurant with a plan, but a lot of times, the occasional step into a small restaurant can make a deeper impression on me. Not just because the food is delicious, but also because it’s a beautiful accident.

Banh Mi 25 – Work & Chill

This is the small restaurant that I visited twice. One is because they have coconut coffee, and the other is because they have delicious vegetarian Vietnamese sandwiches.

Diners need to go up to the second floor of the restaurant, and there is a small attic on the second floor, the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is very good, with lots of handicrafts.

I ordered mushroom and avocado sandwich, added some carrots.

One thing I love about Vietnam is that almost every restaurant has a small terrace, not big, but it allows you to see tourists walking on the streets, aunts selling cigarettes and other strange little vendors.

Looking down from the terrace.

Coconut coffee.

La Studio

This restaurant is located in the alley on the side of the West Lake, not very eye-catching, need to look carefully before you can find it.

The food here is all vegan, with toast, fruit shakes and smoothie bowls, and even vegan cakes.

4P’s Pizza

The pizzeria has several branches and is very busy, so it’s best to reserve a seat in advance.

4P’s means for peace. The pizza here is fresh, and there is good dining experience, good service, choice is also a lot. Sitting on the second floor you can also see busy staff making pizza downstairs.

The store’s vegetarian options include Marguerite and Five Cheese Pizza. I had always loved Margherita pizza, and I hadn’t thought about what other pizzas taste like. As a result, after eating Five Cheese Pizza this time, and Margherita compared to, Margherita looks particularly monotonous! The Five Cheese Pizza tasted great, especially the addition of blue-print cheese, refreshing my understanding of “pizza without even ketchup.” This pizzeria even cheese is made by itself and is highly recommended.

Five Cheese Pizza.

Veggie Castle

This should be my favorite vegetarian cafeteria in Hanoi. There are many varieties of vegetarian here, and there are different dishes every day, the price is also very cheap, 80kVND per guest. The restaurant has a good environment and a lot of space.

There are usually eight dishes, some cold food and desserts, two kinds of soup, and self-service iced tea. Here commonly used ingredients are onions, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables and so on, as well as Vietnam’s special fried bananas. Friends who like vegetarian food can try it.


There are many coffee shops in Hanoi that are open-air, no glass, so we sit on a small stool at the door and drink.

I ordered a coconut coffee, and before that my impression of coconut coffee was too sweet, so I told the clerk to keep less sugar.

This coffee, the black coffee with coconut shake, has a sweet coconut flavor, real coconut flavor! It’s completely different from a coconut drink. Very fresh, there is no bitterness of black coffee at all.

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