Some Kids that I Met in Cambodia – Gallery

In addition to the stunning remains of ancient civilization, Cambodia’s most intuitive and profound impression for me is that it is too dirty and backward. Only the city centre has a real asphalt road, and in the countryside, the trees on both sides of the road are covered with a thick layer of loess, and almost no green. The children here are admirable, teenagers can be seen selling things at stalls everywhere, and they are skilled either in accounting or cutting fruit. But they are also scary, and when the tour bus stops, crowds of children gather. There are also a lot of children in the scenic area, barefoot, wearing tattered clothes, and speaking many languages. As soon as they see tourists, they shout “candy, candy” and even shout “money” directly.

When you taking pictures of them, the kids will be very cooperative, perhaps used to it.If you can, it’s best to give them some candy and pencils.

In fact, children have been integrated with the relics, but we seem out of place.

Visitors will generally give children some candy or change.

The kid was so cute.

A little girl was taking care of her little brother.

The view of Phnom Kulen National Park is beautiful, the river was very cool, and many local children were playing in the water.

The baby was held across the river by his father, and smiled as soon as he saw me.

When I saw this girl, I felt like I was in a wonderland.

Her family doesn’t speak English, or I can send them this picture.

Children of cleaners were playing inside Angkor Wat.

During a visit to the floating villages in Tonle Sap Lake, we rented a boat, and the boatman’s son was polite, and after we gave him cookies, he smiled and thanked us.

This little handsome boy, a little shy, he is a student in the small school of the floating village.

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