The Practical Nha Trang Travel Guide for Your Vietnam Trip

In recent years, thanks to the rapid growth of tourism, Nha Trang, a coastal city on Vietnam’s south central coast, has become the pearl of Vietnamese tourism. Known for its beautiful beaches and plentiful water sports, Nha Trang is a great destination for those who want to relax by the sea. With its warm climate, clear blue waters, sparkling white sand beaches and a dozen scenic islands, Nha Trang embodies the very best of Vietnam in many ways. Nha Trang has many world-class water sports such as waterskiing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, etc., and it’s great to dive in the beautiful Nha Trang Bay and admire the mesmerizing reefs.

Beautiful Nha Trang Bay

Best Places to Visit in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a popular destination for visitors all over the world, and has many tourist attractions. But if you don’t have much time or budget, here are some main tourist attractions in Nha Trang you should experience.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, Disneyland of Vietnam, located on Hon Tre Island of Nha Trang Bay, is a complex tourist destination including Vietnam’s largest amusement park, world-class aquarium, five-star resort, integrated shopping center, etc. Vinpearl Land is a large company with theme parks and resorts all over Vietnam, of which Vinpearl Land Nha Trang is the largest. With an area of 200,000 square meters and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world every day, this theme park is a veritable Vietnamese entertainment paradise, a perfect destination, and one of the wonders of Vietnam’s tourism industry.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

The amusement park is the main business of Vinpearl Land and offers a variety of interesting and exciting rides including a swing carousel, pirate ship, roller coaster and bumper cars that are sure to attract many brave visitors who like to conquer. For those who like excitement, I highly recommend the Alpine Roller Coaster, which is the most popular ride here. It is the largest Alpine Roller Coaster in Southeast Asia, with a total length of 1,760 metres and a height difference of 133 metres between two stations. On a roller coaster ride, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful Nha Trang Bay, in addition to experiencing the thrills.

Traveling in Nha Trang and not visiting the most famous aquarium in Southeast Asia is truly regretful. Vinpearl Land’s aquarium, covering more than 3,400 square meters, is home to more than 300 rare marine species from around the world. At this place, you will admire a variety of colorful marine animals in the modern tunnel, which is designed in escalator style, feeling as if you are exploring the deep ocean with beautiful fishes. This is the place that most visitors find most attractive, especially children. Besides, enjoying unique and wonderful art performances, like the “Little Mermaid” show, is also unforgettable, you will feel like seeing beautiful mermaids stepping out from fairy tales.

Vinpearl Land Aquarium in Nha Trang

Not only are visitors impressed with the amusement park and the famous aquarium, but the island’s five-star resort is also very attractive to them. Vinpearl Resort and Spa has 485 rooms, including luxury rooms, presidential suites and 3 independent villas. At the resort, there is a 700-metre-long private beach surrounded by coconut trees and a variety of plants, where you can not only experience massage treatments provided by skillful practitioners, but also breathe fresh and cool air in a hammock in the coconut forest while enjoying the stunning scenery of Nha Trang Bay.

Hon Mieu Island

Hon Mieu Island, also known as Tri Nguyen Island, is the best inshore island in Nha Trang Bay and a popular destination for foreign tourists visiting Vietnam. It takes about 20 minutes by boat from the port of Nha Trang to Hon Mieu Island. There are two main attractions on the island: Tri Nguyen Aquarium and Bai Soi Beach.

Hon Mieu Island

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is an outdoor aquarium designed in the shape of a fossil ship with a lot of seaweeds. It is a miniature ocean with many precious and rare marine animals on board, such as dolphins, oysters, squids, tunas and sharks. Lobsters weighing more than 3 kg and pearls of different shapes and sizes can also be seen here. In addition, there is a souvenir shop and a restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of delicious seafood.

After visiting the Tri Nguyen Aquarium, visitors also have the opportunity to swim and relax on the beautiful Bai Soi Beach near the aquarium. The beach is only about 500 metres from Tri Nguyen Aquarium and you can walk ten minutes to Bai Soi Beach while enjoying the stunning island scenery. The beach is warm all year round, with mild waves and clear blue waters, perfect for snorkeling and water sports such as jet skiing, parachute-pulled canoe and more.

Dai Lanh Beach

Dai Lanh Beach is located in Dai Lanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, close to National Highway 1A and 80 km from the centre of Nha Trang. It is one of the most pristine and tranquil beaches in Nha Trang, surrounded by nothing but blue waters, soft white sand and beautiful mountains.

Dai Lanh Beach in Nha Trang

Since the beach ground surface is slightly sloping, it offers safe swimming conditions, allowing visitors to swim comfortably away from the coast while the water level is still at your chest. Dai Lanh Beach is far from residential areas, and the tourism industry here is not as developed as other beaches, so Dai Lanh’s natural landscape is pristine and pure. The white sandy beach is lined with casurina trees and is a perfect destination for hikers.

Note: Due to its unique location, Dai Lanh’s weather conditions are unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for rain that may come at any time. In addition, the best time for visitors to visit Dai Lanh is from April to August, which is the most beautiful time of the year for the beach.

Thap Ba Spa

If you want to spend an afternoon relaxing in Nha Trang, enjoying a Mud Bath will be a different and very good experience. Thap Ba Spa, which is the best spa in Vietnam, is highly recommended. The spa offers pick-up and drop-off from the hotel, and if you book a combo pack, the cost is included and the price is reasonable.

Thap Ba Spa in Nha Trang

A mud bath consists of a 5-minute hot shower, followed by a mud bath, which can be private (2 people, can accommodate a child) or a group bath, meaning more than 4 people. If you are willing to spend more money, mineral shower, hydrotherapy, jacuzzi and mineral bath are also available. Generally, there are very few people there, so you will have plenty of space.

Mud bath at Thap Ba Spa

After the mud bath, you can spend some time in the pools, there’s a cool pool, warm pool and warm waterfalls which gives you a nice massage. For about a dozen dollars, you can spend a relaxing afternoon in a nice way in a luxury spa resort.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach is unique in that it is the only beach located in the heart of the city in Vietnam, you can reach it from Nha Trang’s bustling business district just across a road.

This is a really nice beach, soft white sand, and clear blue water. There are some beach bars on the beach, the price is not bad, and there are also many umbrellas and chairs. If you are going to hang out by the sea, this is a suitable place. In addition, there are many fitness equipment on the beach, which can be used free of charge. It’s a great experience to come here early in the morning for a walk and work out with everyone.

Nha Trang Beach

Due to its close distance to residential areas, there are always many people on the beach, including locals and foreign tourists. However, it is clean and does not have the usual plastic bottles and other rubbish. It is said that in the evening there will be locals cleaning the beach.

Best Time to Visit Nha Trang

The average temperature in Nha Trang is 26-27 degrees Celsius, so it’s sunny almost all year round. However, the best time to visit the city is from February to April, when it is the dry season for Nha Trang and precipitation stay at its lowest point of the year. In addition, the number of visitors to Nha Trang during this period is relatively small, and you may save some money on accommodation and food.

How to Get to Nha Trang

There are three main ways to get to Nha Trang, which one you choose depends on your budget and other needs.

By Air: Nha Trang Airport, also known as Cam Ranh International Airport, is about 30 km from the center of Nha Trang. There are 4 daily flights to Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang is approximately 434 km, with an air flight of about 1 hour and 5 minutes and an economy class fee of USD 40, which is the most convenient route to Nha Trang. In addition, some airlines, such as Jesttar and Vietjest, usually offer big discounts on their fares, so take note if you’re interested.

By Bus: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Lat all have sleeping buses to Nha Trang. It’s safe, comfortable and inexpensive. The nearest route from Da Lat to Nha Trang takes about four hours and costs only $5; the farthest distance from Hanoi to Nha Trang takes about 29 hours and costs $30 per person; and the journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang is about 450 km and costs $6-10 per person.

Bus from Da Lat to Nha Trang

By Train: Another option to get to Nha Trang is by train. Nha Trang is located on the main line of the North-South Railway and has trains to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. However, the journey from both places to Nha Trang by train are quite long, with many stops along the way and a trip can take 12-20 hours.

Where to Stay in Nha Trang

The main strip of Nha Trang is small, centred on Tran Phu Avenue, a busy, wide road that separates the city from the beach. On both sides of this main road, there are a wide variety of accommodations, large and small, from budget Hostels to luxury beachfront resorts, where you can find the best places to stay for every budget.

Nha Trang has a famously relaxed atmosphere and is visited daily by a large number of tourists from all over the world. For visitors to Nha Trang, knowing where to stay is as important as knowing where to visit. Here, I just want to share with you a very popular, luxurious and reasonably priced place to stay – Amiana Resort, a little slice of tranquil paradise. Located near the beautiful Nha Trang Bay, about 5 km from the city centre, this resort has the best private beach, where you can relax with the tranquil sea and gentle sea breeze.

Amiana Resort Nha Trang

This resort is very large and has rooms of various sizes, mainly separate villas. The villas are spacious and very beautiful, with private pools and beautiful tropical gardens in front of the sea. The resort’s restaurant offers delicious and variety of food, and a rich buffet-style breakfast with free porridge and children’s meals. There are three swimming pools of different styles, which are a great place to relax. The staff here are very friendly, very attentive and caring about you with a smile, making you feel like an old friend visiting.

The villa at Amiana Resort Nha Trang

The shining of sun, the singing of birds and the trees around the beautiful villas will make you feel at peace. This is the jewel of Nha Trang, and you can’t find a better place to stay.

Location: Nha Trang Bay, Pham Van Dong Str, Nha Trang 650000

Phone: 011 84 258 3553 333

What and Where to Eat in Nha Trang

Despite Nha Trang’s tourism boom and the large number of foreign tourists, the price of food is not high at all, even at famous local restaurants.

Coming to Nha Trang, of course, you should try delicious seafood first. In two small fishing villages on Hon Mieu Island, you can buy very fresh and inexpensive seafood, from lobsters to oysters. There are also some unique local snacks you can try, such as Nem Ninh Hoa (pork wrapped in a banana leaf), Fish Bun Cha Ca (fried fish cake noodles) and more.

However, if you want quality service and a better dining environment, popular local restaurants will be the best option. Here, I’d like to introduce you to two of the local top restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and good service.

RuNam Bistro Nha Trang

The restaurant has a nice space design, every detail is handled very well. The food is Vietnamese, but some improvements have been made. Here’s grilled chicken rice, caesar salad chicken and red velvet cake are all quite popular, and beef salad is highly recommended! It’s quite difficult to have a great cup of coffee when you’re traveling, but Vietnamese coffee here won’t disappoint you. Most importantly, the overall service provided is satisfactory. In addition, beautiful views of Nha Trang Bay can be seen from here.

RuNam Bistro Nha Trang

Location: 33-34 Tran Phu, Nha Trang, 650000, Khanh Hoa Province

Phone: +84 58 3523 186

Mix Restaurant Nha Trang

This is the best Greek restaurant in Vietnam, offering great authentic Greek food! Hospitality is the first thing you feel when you come to this restaurant. The owner is a Greek, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and are willing to take the time to talk to every guest in the restaurant. The food here is amazing, and the price is reasonable. Greek salads, calamari and chicken gyros are the most popular dishes here. The restaurant is set in a strong Mediterranean style, and here you may forget that you are in Vietnam.

Seafood platter from Mix Restaurant Nha Trang

Location: 77 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang, 652073, Khanh Hoa Province

Phone: +84 165 945 9197

Nha Trang is an amazing place that should impress you, and I hope you will find this travel guide useful.

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