Several Amazing Restaurants in Chiang Mai

There are many coffee shops and more restaurants in Chiang Mai. Almost every restaurant has its own characteristics, from the visual design, environment, tableware, decoration, everywhere reflects the taste of the owner, will not let you down. Here’s a look at some of the restaurants I’ve been to.

The Salad Concept

I saw the salad shop on the first day of hanging out on Nimmanhaemin Road, and I thought the surroundings were nice and a great place to take pictures.

I ordered this fruit cereal salad, looks very beautiful, fruit, cereal, cornflakes, etc. , placed on top of the papaya, in addition to the red sauce a little sour, the taste is very refreshing.

This cup of purple orchid drink, although the taste was not very authentic, but not very sweet, I like it very much.

In addition, the waiters here are very beautiful and very good english.

Mix Restaurant and Bar

The restaurant is large and has a large yard with a terrace for dining in addition to the indoor two-storey dining area.

This time, I ordered toast ice cream, which is popular in Thailand. The ice cream was delicious, light milky, and toast was a bit sweet (but it seems like someone else says toast is very sweet).

Lemongrass Thai Cuisine

A humble restaurant in an alley near Chiang Mai’s night market (not far from Let’s Relax) in a very modest setting.

Because of the online fame, the restaurant has a lot of customers, and it is said that there are queues at peak times.

To be honest, I don’t like too much, but there’s no denying that Thai flavor is really strong, and I guess that’s why it’s so popular.

I ordered four dishes, except the pineapple rice I like to eat, other I think the taste is too strong.

Hot Chilli

Every time I come to Thailand, I would eat Pineapple Fried Rice.

This time, the Pineapple Fried Rice was eaten at Hot Chilli, a well-known local restaurant.

Hot Chilli decoration was like the wedding hall, although the other dishes tasted very general, or a bit expensive, not high cost-effective, but sitting on a swing chair to have dinner was quite comfortable.

But Pineapple Fried Rice was really delicious, enough weight, ingredients were also rich.

Chom Cafe and Restaurant

This is probably the most beautiful coffee shop in Thailand. As soon as you enter the courtyard, a tropical rain forest appears before your eyes, lush trees, verdant moss, winding streams, beautiful waterfalls. Fairy-tale atmosphere, fantastic temperament, like a wonderland.

Walking in the back garden is also a pleasant thing to do. The big trees obscured the sun, and both sides of the path was lined with mossy rocks.

Waterfalls, ponds, mist, streams, and small fishes in the water, makes people enjoy the visual pleasure.

The quality of the food is also good, the price is medium-to-high, starting from 150 baht. The coffee is particularly delicious, with milkshakes, smoothies and a variety of cakes to choose from.

The gate of Chom Cafe.

It’s recommended that you come here before sunset, and the scenery is very beautiful.

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