Sunrise of the Mandalay Hill and U Bein Bridge, in Myanmar

Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar, and is where the Royal Palace of the Konbaung Dynasty is located. Mandalay has a lot of tourist attractions, I think it is more than Yangon. It’s a city that makes me feel like a countryside, because when I walked in downtown I didn’t find any tall building. Personally, I think The cost-effective stay in Mandalay is very low, I only stayed here for one night, the rooms was small, but the price was very high.

Mandalay Hill is a great place to watch the sunrise and very few people. Tickets are not required to go up the hill, but there is a charge of 1000K for taking pictures. I took a small tuk-tuk, which can seat about ten people. The speed of the tuk-tuk was really too exciting, the driver was in his twenties, and didn’t know English. anyway, the speed was too scary. Remember to buy insurance! After reaching the top of the hill, I found that there was an observation deck overlooking the entire city of Mandalay.

Sunrise at Mandalay Hill.

Looking down from Mandalay Hill.

The next day, I got up early and prepared to go to the famous U Bein Bridge, on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River, to watch the sunrise.

The imagined U Bein Bridge was very different from the bridge in front of me, it is not spacious, there are no guardrails on either side, the gap in the wooden planks at the foot is quite large. On this insecure bridge, if you’re not careful, you’ll fall into the river.

In the early morning, U Bein Bridge seemed closer to its origin, the wind was a little heavy, I sat in the small pavilion in the middle of the bridge, and cersei trembled.

As the day dawned, the sun slowly rose from the Mandalay Hill in the distance, passing by just a few locals and monks, some pushing bicycles and others with baskets full of vegetables and fruits. There were a few crows on the bridge waiting for an opportunity to forageā€¦

I walked up the bridge and saw orange sunlight spilling over the river, herds of birds flying in a line, and a large group of crows flying out of the nearest trees, as if the sun had disturbed their dreams. On the other side of the bridge there was a different quiet beauty, there were several boats scattered on the river, the white tower in the distance was faintly visible in the mist. In the early morning sun, the whole low-lying plain is like a painting.

Another side of the bridge.

The sun was rising.

It was a coincidence.

A crow parked in a tree.

A new day had begun. Under the sun, these teakwood had long been light gray. These simple wooden buildings can even be described as shabby. Although there was no amazing beauty here, there was an unspeakable peace.

As there were more pedestrians on the bridge, it became more noisy, but that was what it should be in the morning. The sunrise of U Bein Bridge gave me peace and quiet, and it was great!

The monks on the bridge.

The days and nights, crowds and peace of the U Bein Bridge, are gifts to visitors.

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