Vietnamese Pho – Part One

Many big cities in Europe and the United States have famous Vietnamese restaurants, and even have friends full of excitement to tell me, “I went to Paris to eat great Vietnamese pho!” Vietnam was once a French colony, and there were many Vietnamese immigrants in Paris, and it’s no surprise that there are good pho … Read more

Lumpini Park

Four seasons of the city is wonderful, but there is a kind of enthusiasm as if only in the place that four seasons like summer. The fruit is rich enough, the sun is shining enough, and there is enough food.A simple sling dress with a pair of slippers made the whole person happy. There’s so … Read more

A Day in Phuket

Phuket is the island I’ve been to the most and most like. This is on the center of where I live, talk about the radius of 5 kilometers within what is fun and delicious, from breakfast, all day long arranged full and relaxed. 10:00 am Brunch WE CAFE There are several coffee shops on the … Read more

Rustic Market

This area was originally called Jing Jai Market. There is a farmers’ market and some antique shops.There are also some restaurants and bars opposite, but business has not been very prosperous. It mainly sells organic products and fresh vegetable juices in the northern part of Thailand. Changed its name from JJ Market to Rustic Market … Read more

Gentle Phuket Night Market

As a particularly afraid of the lively people, but after all, still can not resist the “night market” this full of the city’s atmosphere of the word temptation. The last day of the holiday was a night market in Phuket before the Red Eye flight.This is the largest night market in Phuket, only opened on … Read more