Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 2

Usually I go to a restaurant with a plan, but a lot of times, the occasional step into a small restaurant can make a deeper impression on me. Not just because the food is delicious, but also because it’s a beautiful accident. Banh Mi 25 – Work & Chill This is the small restaurant that … Read more

Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 1

Hanoi’s food is very characteristic, here is a look at the few small restaurants I have been to. Giang Cafe Vietnam has a special coffee called egg coffee, which is a raw egg with coffee. Giang Cafe is said to be the first coffee shop to invent this coffee, as for the taste, some people … Read more

A Trip to Vietnam, Nha Trang – Gallery

A lot of people here ride motorcycles, of course, the street will be a bit noisy, because the car whistles at will. This is the hotel we are staying at. Breakfast. This cake is very cheap, less than 1 dollar, very delicious. Ice cream from KFC, Vietnam, less than 1 dollar, it melted quickly and … Read more

Diet for A Few Days in Cambodia

There is an Sorya shopping mall in central Phnom Penh, a food court on the 5th floor, using the form of a stored value card, which can be refunded when you leave without running out of money. The dishes here are Cambodian specialties.I ordered a piece of fish for 3 dollars, I first thought it … Read more

A Carpenter Built the Most Beautiful Hotel in Saigon

A quarter of an hour’s drift along the Saigon River will take you to the secret gardens on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh.This hotel, called AN LAM, is not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, but it takes about forty minutes to get overland because of the frequent traffic jams. When we arrived, … Read more