A Carpenter Built the Most Beautiful Hotel in Saigon

A quarter of an hour’s drift along the Saigon River will take you to the secret gardens on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh.This hotel, called AN LAM, is not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, but it takes about forty minutes to get overland because of the frequent traffic jams. When we arrived, we thought it was just a small mountain village and didn’t have high expectations for the hotel’s facilities or services. But this hotel is the biggest surprise of our trip to Vietnam.

Later we found out that the hotel had a surprisingly high rating on TripAdvisor, with many travelers describing the hotel as “as if in heaven”, “so good that it is difficult to describe in words” and “the biggest regret is to stay for only one night”. On Singapore Airlines’ official website, this hotel ranks first in Ho Chi Minh City and is rated as a five-star hotel.

Renee E, from Australia, described the hotel online as a “hidden treasure” of Ho Chi Minh, not everyone who has ever been to Vietnam knows it.

You might not have thought that such a luxury hotel, founded by a carpenter. With tireless efforts, this carpenter now not only owns a lumber mill, but also designs and builds the unique AN LAM Hotel himself. Logs are heavily used in the hotel, and rooms, restaurants and even dining utensils are mostly wooden, and there is even a tree house.

The two-room villa can accommodate up to six people and offers views of the separate pool and the Saigon River. The rooms are made of milky white brick walls and Vietnamese logs, and the design is very distinctive.In the hotel’s common areas and lobby, a blend of essential oils with ginger and lemongrass makes you feel like you’re entering a huge spa, and every breath is designed to bring you to absolute peace of mind and body.

The hotel has only 19 villas and suites and is very private. Perhaps this is one of the best hotels you can find in Vietnam. This quiet place is not as noisy as the ordinary hotel, and every guest is working with you to carefully maintain this Saigon dream.

The hotel’s restaurant serves fine Vietnamese dishes.Although most of the guests are currently from Europe and the United States, the hotel still adheres to the concept of providing local cuisine.The ingredients come from the local area, organic and non-polluting. In cooking, they abandon the oily, salty approach and must embody the essence of Asian cuisine – fresh, healthy and unburdened. Guests’ reviews of the hotel’s dining are almost always positive.One guest from South Africa said, “It’s always delicious, with a lot of choices and a modest price.”

The hotel’s kitchen is open-plan, guests can not only see the chef’s cooking process, but also learn how to make Vietnamese cuisine.

Don’t forget to have a cup of Vietnamese coffee after dinner, which is the pride of Vietnamese. Even if the days are bitter, but a cup of coffee with condensed milk and sugar, will always let you find those sweet happiness in life.

Hotel Address: 21-4 Trung Street, Vinh Phu ward, Thuan An 700000, Vietnam

Hotel Tel: 84 2743785555

Hotel website: http://anlam.com/

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