Leisure Trip of Ko Chang

Ko Chang, Thailand’s second largest island, is mostly covered by pristine rainforests, which are under the jurisdiction of the land-based Dalat province.

There are many small islands around the island, which, along with Ko Chang, has been designated as a national marine park, covering a total area of 650 square kilometers.Ko Chang is a tourist attraction with tropical island scenery.

I prefer low season travel, like summer rain, so choose to start in the rainy season in June, said is the rainy season, in fact, each rainstorm can usually last only ten minutes, the sun rain can also be seen.

Thailand has plenty of retro fresh places for tourists.But what I understand about Thailand should be rougher and not exquisite.

Thailand has a lot of islands and I made minibuses and ferries to the southernmost Ko Chang.

There are three larger beaches on the island. Kai Bae, the only beach on the island where you can splash with elephants, kayaking 100 baht an hour ; Klong Prao Beach, with many resorts, the sand is thinner than Kai Bae Beach.It’s also a shoal, the waves are slightly larger, but swimming isn’t a problem; White Sand Beach is the most lively place on the island, with many tourists from all over the world, and in the evening, many food stalls are on the beach, where you can enjoy the sunset while tasting seafood.

Ko Chang, rain is too much, live in the white sand beach of a “the grand view hotel”, the daily activities are generally watching rain, watching the sea, swimming, count of ants….

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