Philippine Waterfall Restaurant – Villa Escudero

Waterfall Restaurant is located in Villa Escudero, a scenic tourist resort in San Pablo, south of Luzon Island in the Philippines, the restaurant built under artificial waterfalls is its main feature.

Specific address: Villa Escudero Resort Tiaong San Pablo City, Luzon 400, Philippines


About Waterfall Restaurant

It was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan. It was originally a sugar cane-growing estate, and later changed to coconut. Their son was a pioneering agricultural industrialist in the early 20th century, building the country’s first coconut factory and Villa Escudero. In 1981, they began to operate resorts, which have become a major tourist destination for foreign tourists from all over the world to the country. As a showcase of the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage, it has a worldwide reputation. In Escudero manor, there’s a quirky waterfall restaurant, in addition to its beautiful scenery, the most special thing is that the restaurant is located under a waterfall.

The restaurant was built under an artificial dam, where tables, stools, etc. are placed in the waterfall, so people will always see the flow of water passing through their feet during the meal, giving a feeling closer to nature. Here, visitors can enjoy the waterfall, while tasting the unique Flavor of Filipino cuisine, and after full eating can also play under the waterfall.

How to Arrive

From Manila, a 3-hour drive, the round-trip fare is about 150 PESOs each. On arrival, take a taxi to JAM Liner station, where buses, buses are private, and there are several companies on this route. When you get back, take a taxi at the exit of the estate. If you don’t know what car to take when you go back, tell the keeper at the gate of the estate, he’ll help you get the right car.

Opening Hours

From Monday to Sunday, holidays are included.

Tickets: (Currency units are PESOs)

The fee includes a visit to a museum, boating, cycling, and eating at the Waterfall Restaurant.
Monday to Thursday
Adults: 1250 Children: 625
Friday to Sunday, holidays (there are folk shows from 2 p.m. on these three days)
Adults: 1400 Children: 700


(632) 521-0830; (632) 523-0392; (632) 523-2944

The entrance to the Waterfall Restaurant,which is the bus stop, then takes a three-wheeled motorcycle, costs 50 PESOs, or walks for about 10 minutes. Remember to walk in the direction of the arrow all the way, there is a coconut forest by the side of the road.

After buying a ticket, you can start the tour, the staff will tear up the ticket, I hitchhiked at 8 or 9 o’clock every time, arrived at about 11 o’clock, visited the museum (about an hour) and then went to the restaurant for dinner just right now. The museum does not allow cameras, but mobile phones are allowed(No taking pictures).

Forgive me for the bad technique of taking pictures, this is the waterfall restaurant, the food has a relatively original Filipino taste, meals are served from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Next, part of the view of the manor.

Rowing, and then it’s over.

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