Hiking in Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

I went to Cambodia in early November and just wanted to visit Angkor, but when I looked at the map, I was surprised to find Koh Rong Samloem, a small island near the Sihanoukville Port, an hour-long speedboat ride from west of the Port.

In Koh Rong Samloem, there are two popular accommodation spots, one at Saracen Bay and the other at M’Pai Bay, where backpackers congregate. I chose the second one without hesitation. Before I came here, I heard that there was an untapped beautiful beach near M’Pai Bay, called Clear Water Bay.

Why are there so few tourists in Clear Water Bay? Because it takes an hour to get there on foot from the village, and it takes to cross the tropical jungle. It’s exciting to think about it.

But we didn’t find a way to get there online. We had to ask the owner of the hotel, who pointed to the hill in the distance and said, There is a White Building, next to the road to Clear Water Bay.

So we set off happily in our sandals.

We went all the way east. With more rubbish coming up under our feet, we finally saw a White Building…

That’s building, too? I have deep doubts about this.

Fortunately, there’s a sign next to it that says Clear Water Bay.

And the most puzzling is the arrow, which seems to point out a path to light, yet …

The path that can be identified is more gratifying. And if you encounter a fork in the road, this is the problem, there is no other person around, there is also no road signs.

I do not know whether it’s blind command, my friend resolutely raised his hand, this side! It let us switch from walking to climbing. The slope is really steep.

The stone under my feet is very slippery, I used my hands and feet to climb while thinking of the other way, and a little worry: what to do when I was going down the hill?

In hindsight, we took the fastest way to climb the hill, and the unelected road, it is likely to be along the coast around the past.

After climbing for about 20 minutes, we saw a relatively flat road and the surrounding trees were cleared. It looked like someone had seen the commercial value of Clear Water Bay, where a construction team was working on a small scale. Following the rut on the road, we finally came to the Clear Water Bay.

There were really very few tourists here! Only five or six visitors in all.

The water is really clear, you can see the small fish in the water.

Clear Water Bay, we had come here through the jungle, it was worth it! Be sure to come to Clear Water Bay, my friends! Before it’s contaminated with commerce and garbage, take a look at this pure beach!

We left after lunch, but due to the physical exertion and the afternoon sun, from the beach to stand up, I suddenly felt a vertigo.There were no shops here, but luckily I brought a big bottle of water and some cookies, or I wouldn’t have the strength to go back.

On our way back, there were two forks, one was slightly flat and the other slightly rugged. my friend chose the rugged one. Walking, we came to a reef near, suddenly a beautiful scene appeared in front of us, this is the unexpected harvest in the travel.

After taking pictures, a big arrow reminded us to return to the original road, we immediately sobered up again. When we returned, there were few decent roads, and anyway, it seemed that no one had walked through here, and the ground was full of leaf that had been bitten by insects.

The only thing we could be sure of was that we were walking around the coast, after all, in the right direction, and we might be able to go back to the path we didn’t choose.

After half an hour’s walk, we finally saw White Building again!

In short, this hike is full of sweat and gladness. We heard the sound of birds, and we had close contact with the trees and weeds, which big cities could not give us.This hike not only exercised our willpower, but also tested the quality of the sandals under our feet.

I love big cities!

It was not easy to go back to the village, when I saw such a sign, I smiled again:

“Going to Clear Water Bay, an hour’s walk or a five-minute boat ride.”

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