Vietnam’s Disney Sea, Vinpearl Amusement Park – Gallery

Vinpearl Island is very close to Nha Trang, very big, very dreamy, the most important – not many people, do not have to queue. In addition to all kinds of rides, there is a very lively beach, there is the underwater world and the animal world, this animal world let me feel into the African grasslands. There are also hotels on the island, and if time permits, it is recommended to take enough food to stay on the Island for a night, as there are a lot of events and performances in the evening.

As an inlandman, the most attractive thing for me is the island itself. Sitting in the shade of the coconut trees, walking on the soft sand, the sea breeze habits, unknowingly an afternoon has passed. Finally, you can watch a 4D movie on the Little Mermaid theme.

Speedboats to and from the island.

A Vietnamese couple who were taking wedding photos.

Lunch in the free walking tour.

Amusement Park under night.

SPA room.

Restaurants on the island that haven’t been open yet.


The cuisine of the island.

The beach is really clean and the sand is like flour.

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