Island Adventures – El Nido in Palawan

This time the destination is El Nido in Palawan, and I don’t know why I chose this place. Presumably because it’s a little minority (compared to the places where Boracay is), and the images on the internet are really tempting. I’ve only been there for two days, three more days on the road… The first … Read more

Leisure Trip of Ko Chang

Ko Chang, Thailand’s second largest island, is mostly covered by pristine rainforests, which are under the jurisdiction of the land-based Dalat province. There are many small islands around the island, which, along with Ko Chang, has been designated as a national marine park, covering a total area of 650 square kilometers.Ko Chang is a tourist … Read more

A Day in Phuket

Phuket is the island I’ve been to the most and most like. This is on the center of where I live, talk about the radius of 5 kilometers within what is fun and delicious, from breakfast, all day long arranged full and relaxed. 10:00 am Brunch WE CAFE There are several coffee shops on the … Read more