Several Days in Bohol, Philippines

While there was nothing to do while leaving office, I started a trip to the Philippines with my friends.

Having had bad memories of going to a seaside city before, I was a little worried that my body could not adapt to the local climate, but it was good that after a four-hour flight we arrived at Cebu Airport without problems.After customs officers checked it (Filipinos are really not efficient), we took the bus to the local Eastland Hotel.

This hotel was in a good environment and our room had a single bed and a double bed.

According to the local guide, the economic development here is still far behind Thailand, the annual visitors to the Philippines only about 300,000. By eight or nine o’clock in the evening, there were few people in the street, so we fell asleep in hunger that night.

The next day, we were going to Bohol Island, and we had to take a two-hour boat ride from Cebu to get there.

The rainy season is in June-October, when it was September, so we were likely to experience typhoons.

Unfortunately, the day we happened to encounter a typhoon approaching, the ship was repeatedly beaten by the waves, coupled with the impact of the ship’s air conditioning (I suggests that friends who will be on the ship wear an extra coat), a lot of passengers couldn’t stand such tosses, couldn’t help but vomit.

After landing, we took a bus to the Chocolate Hills, the scenic spot that had appeared in the film Harry Potter. Chocolate Hills are called because they are shaped like chocolate.Because it was the rainy season, it rained heavily as soon as we reached the top of the mountain, my friend and I quickly took a few photos, began to find a place to hide from the rain.

The weather on the island is so varied that the rain had stopped when we arrived at the Philippine tarsier attraction. As a national treasure of this country, the Philippine tarsier has its uniqueness.

The size of a Philippine tarsier is about the size of a human palm. According to the guide, the Philippine tarsier has very little guts, and if you touch them directly with your hands, they will fall to the ground because of fear, and may die directly, I don’t know if it’s such an exaggeration. If you want to shoot them up close, spend 20 pesos to get the staff to do it for you.

After the tour, you must go to the gate and taste the large coconuts that sell for only 30 pesos. One is enough, after drinking the juice, let the vendor cut it for you and taste the fresh pulp.

After a morning of tosses, we could finally sit on the boat and visit the Loboc River, eating at the buffet on board and listening to the singers on board.Philippine food is more spicy, and the meal will basically have fried chicken, fried noodles, rice. Although the food didn’t taste very good, listening to the singer sing Eric Clapton’s “you are wonderful tonight”, my heart was full of joy.

At the end of the day, we took a bus to Flushing Meadows Hotel on Bohol Island for a wonderful evening.

With our luggage in place, we rented a tuk-tuk for a seafood dinner at Alona Beach. Because this is a tourist attraction, food prices are very high, so it is not very suitable to eat seafood here, it is recommended to taste only the local famous mantis shrimps on it.

What has to be said here is that the Philippine mobile signal is very poor, in the hotel basically no cell phone signal, the best place for mobile signal is the lobby. Of course, this is not the reason for the hotel, but because the entire country’s telephone network is relatively backward.

Although the mobile phone signal is not good, but I personally like the hotel very much. The hotel environment is very good, and I particularly like the bathroom curtain, very local style.

Not only that, this hotel is particularly close to the sea, you can get up in the morning to watch the sunrise. Alternatively, the hotel has a borderless swimming pool, which is fully open-air, where you can enjoy the seaside views while swimming.

Originally we were going to go out to sea to see dolphins and whales this day, but because of the typhoon we had to cancel the plan, so My friend and I got up at 5 a.m. and went to the seaside to watch sunrise.

After the sun rose, we went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

The color of the sea is particularly good-looking, like the color of mint.

To highlight here, the service personnel in the Philippines are very good. When you tell him what you need, they will do everything they can to serve you. Here, their service will make you willing to tip.

After a short break, we headed to the Bee Farm Restaurant for a taste of the local delicacy.The Filipino waiter was very good, when we asked about the specialfood in the restaurant, the waiter, in addition to taking out the menu, also took out a blackboard with special dishes and introduced them to us. I recommend Crispy Fried Squid of the restaurant, which is very delicious.

In the afternoon we took a taxi directly to the shopping mall, and then went to the locals’ favorite seafood restaurant for a full meal.

The day ended in leisure.

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