Diving at the Doljo point in Bohol

Just after 8 a.m. we arrived at Tagbilaran Airport on Bohol Island and took a very Filipino-inspired tuk-tuk to check in at the dive shop. Bohol Island is a laid-back and tranquil Island of Southeast Asia, with beautiful scenery at Alona Beach.

Bohol Has been raining for a long time, a few days ago, tourists went out to sea because the wind and waves are too big to disappear, the local government has banned the sea. I was ready to watch a few days of rain on the island.

After a night of listening to the waves and music in the coffee shop on the beach, we woke up, and then went to Doljo Beach. There is an undersea cliff, the scenery is very beautiful. We are glad that the underwater visibility was good on the day of the dive.

There are a lot of colorful little fish here.

Various corals.

After dinner, we went to the room to change our swimsuits, and by the way we stole a trash can ready to go to the beach to catch crabs. After more than an hour, we only caught a total of six crabs, but then the crabs disappeared in the dive shop, and the fried crab breakfast was ruined.

Doljo is a beautiful place.

In the evening, a young man was proposing to a Filipino girl during a Spitfire show on Alona Beach.

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