Some Small Restaurants in Hanoi – Part 2

Usually I go to a restaurant with a plan, but a lot of times, the occasional step into a small restaurant can make a deeper impression on me. Not just because the food is delicious, but also because it’s a beautiful accident. Banh Mi 25 – Work & Chill This is the small restaurant that … Read more

Streets in Vietnam – Gallery

Vietnam’s motorcycle riders. There are a lot of people riding motorcycles here, the scene is spectacular, of course, the street will be a bit noisy, because all motorcycles at random whistle. Vietnam has a kind of tricycle, which is a three-wheel bicycle taxi, the guest sits in front, the driver in the back, in the … Read more

Some of the Locals I Met on a Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is not developed, nor is it a country that delights tourists. Poverty and war have had a lot of negative effects on the country. However, on the streets of Vietnam, I still felt its warmth. In Ho Chi Minh I saw the legendary motorcycle army. The entire intersection stretches for tens of meters … Read more

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Fairy Stream, a very beautiful name, fills the imagination. It is actually a stream flowing through the east side of Mui Ne, hidden in the dense woods, said to be a tourist attraction, but in fact there are few visitors and no tickets are required. I don’t understand why it’s called Fairy Stream, this place … Read more