Beautiful Bohol Island, Philippines

This trip, I defined it as “vacation” rather than a compact trip. So I booked villa with an oversized open kitchen on Bohol Island, which was well lit and had white walls, natural wood, rocks, green plants. Meanwhile, I could reach the lively Alona Beach in a 12-minute walk.

In the morning, you can sit at the sun-drenched table and have breakfast. It’s great to be back in the evening for a glass of red wine and a chat with friends.

The owner of the bed and breakfast is also the host of the island’s number one Italian restaurant, Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast. So for him, a spacious kitchen is crucial. He also prepared a juicer, a coffee machine and a very nice dining table for his guests.

Bohol Island is very inconvenient in terms of transportation, and even tuk-tuks are rare. I suggest you rent a motorcycle, about 16 dollars a day. We used it for 5 days and only added oil once. Be careful, though, be sure to wear a helmet.

Alona Beach is very lively, with many crab boats ready to go out to sea. There are a lot of restaurants and bars on the beach and a lot of people (even so I still saw seahorses and starfish, thanks to the good ecological protection of the area).

However, the beach is so noisy that there may be 10,000 people trying to sell you day trips and pearl necklaces. If you don’t like to be disturbed, find a motorcycle driver and let him take you to Dumaluan. This is a private paid beach known only to locals. You’re the only one on the whole white sand beach, it’s a rare serenity.

The sea of Bohol Island is this jelly-like look, near the shore the water is mint green, and where there are seagrasses and coral reefs, the water is blue.

At six thirty in the morning, we chartered a boat to sea. Starfish of all colors were scattered over the sea floor. As the ship was sailing into a certain area of the sea, the captain suddenly motioned us to look in a certain direction.

Many dolphins leaped out of the sea on one side of the boat, and then led us forward in the wind and waves, so lucky!

There are many small outlying islands in this area, which are as small as a grain of sand in the ocean. At high tide, the whole island is submerged by the sea, and walking on the island is like walking on the sea.

In the night, we went boating along the Loboc River. By the moonlight, only the blurred shadow of the tree on the shore could be seen. At this time, a lot of flashing light suddenly appeared in the air, it was the mysterious green light of thousands of flying fireflies. This moment, I felt back to the night of childhood in summer.

The city’s tall buildings blocked the night sky. In the poor, streetlight-free corner of the world there is a whole starry sky. Fireflies and the little girl with bright eyes at the stern, it is a romantic night I can reminisce about for a long time.

Sometimes, I want to record the beautiful scenery in front of me with a camera. But in many cases, the camera can’t reproduce the shock in front of me and the tremors in my heart. Fortunately, in addition to the camera, we have text. Some beautiful moments are unforgettable for the participants, but the process of sharing, for everyone is a kind of happiness.

Children in a village of the island.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

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